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You have been redirected, as our spot test kits are no longer available. However, we now offer the following portable testing service for more accurate and reliable test results:



Metallurgical Testing and Consulting Engineers offer the chemical analysis of metals using hand-held Innov-X Omega XRF spectrometer. This highly portable instrument enables us to offer a mobile chemical analysis service capable of rapid metals analysis and sorting (e.g. 316 vs. 304 stainless steels, 4130 vs. carbon steel), and Positive Material Identification (PMI) for incoming, in-stock and in-service materials. The test does not require destruction of the tested component, and it can also analyse small components, including metal turnings.

Click link for a list of standard alloys programmed into the instrument (other local alloys not listed have been added to supplement this list). Categories of alloys include stainless steels, magnetic alloys, wear resistant irons, maraging steels, tool steels, engineering steels, nickel base alloys, cobalt base alloys, coppers, brasses, bronzes, monels, titanium alloys, carbides, aluminium alloys and precious metals.

The Innov-X  Omega Handheld XRF system is a powerful analysis tool configured to analyse up to 28 elements simultaneously, including precious metals. It is capable of providing alloy chemistry and grade identification in seconds. The standard elements analysed are Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Zr, Mo, Nb, Hf, W, Ta, Re, Pb, Ag, Sn, Bi, Sb, Rh, Au, Pt, Pd, Cd, As, LE (light elements). The instrument is designed to operate on hot surfaces up to 400 degrees C. The original analysis data is fully encrypted in the units memory to avoid tampering, and includes the alloy match, elemental composition and measurement uncertainties.

Alloy Chemistry and Grade ID for PMI, and Quality Control: The Innov-X XRF is widely accepted for alloy verification in refineries, the nuclear power industry, and by leading producers and fabricators. It provides fast precise analysis of difficult grade separations including 304, 321, P91 and many low alloy steels. It can quickly identify engineered surface coatings including lead, tin, zinc, silver, nickel/phosphorous (electroless nickel), chromium, nickel/cobalt, cadmium, copper, chromates and phosphates.

Scrap Sorting and Processing: The Innov-X XRF can provide a fast means of sorting high-temperature alloys, stainless steels, copper alloys and some common aluminium grades (6061, 2024, 7050, 7075, 3003 and others) on-site. Performs well on tough separations including Ni/Co superalloys, 97-3 and Tantalum, and exotics. The Innov-X XRF offers excellent sensitivity to low concentrations of  Ni, Cr, Mo, V in many low alloy steel applications. Precious metals can be analysed non-destructively with ease, including testing of catalysts and electronics scrap.

Aerospace and Aviation Industries: The Innov-X XRF provides a quick reliable means of confirming incoming materials meet purchaser requirements without destroying the part. In the repair and maintenance fields, materials can be sorted and analysed quickly and reliably (e.g. 321 vs. Inconel exhaust materials, 2024 vs. 6061 vs. 7075 sheet materials).

Motor Sport: The Innov-X XRF can provide a fast non-destructive means of determining whether 4130 (Chrome-moly), Reynolds or carbon steel has been used in the manufacture of roll-over protection structures. Analysis of mysterious metallic items retrieved from lubrication systems helps to identify possible sources. Determination of residual lead deposits on combustion chamber and exhausts to assess the use of lead additives in regulated unleaded fuel categories.

Pharmaceutical and Food Industries: The Innov-X XRF provides a quick reliable means of confirming materials in contact with products meet material design requirements without destroying the part, and in many cases without interrupting product flow.  Analysis of mysterious metallic items retrieved from product helps to identify possible sources.

Other Applications: The Innov-X XRF can provide a fast non-destructive means of determining the compositions of soils and minerals, assessing the presence of lead in paints and plastics, and identifying CCA treated timber.


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