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Metallurgical Testing and Consulting Engineers provide a testing and advisory service to industry, as well as individuals. Technical reports are practical and clearly written in a language that is easily interpreted by both technical and non-technical people.

Microscopes, hardness testing equipment and analytical balance in the metalurgical laboratory.

Stephen Hooker founded the Sydney based business to supply a high quality metallurgical consulting and non-destructive testing service to NSW industry, as well as individuals. Our customers include government bodies, engineering companies, marine engineers, automotive engineers, aerospace engineers and insurance loss adjusters.

Stephen graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Technology degree in Metallurgy at the University of NSW, and has gained extensive experience in materials consulting, failure/wear/corrosion investigation, materials testing (physical, thermal, mechanical, environmental and chemical), and non-destructive testing techniques including magnetic particle, penetrant, radiography, ultrasonics and eddy current. His work history includes over 16 years testing metallic and composite aerospace materials and structures with Hawker de Havilland Aerospace for Boeing, Airbus, Lockheed, Bombardier, Hughes and Qantas. Stephen is also a regular Technical Consultant to the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia in the field of Mechanical Testing.

Stephen has also been closely associated with the automotive and motor-sport industries through his many motorcycle and car racing activities.


We offer a complete range of non-destructive tests, metallurgical investigation services, quality inspection and advisory services.

Our NDT techniques are tailored to suit the part under test, and include eddy current flaw detection, eddy current electrical conductivity, magnetic particle (visible and fluorescent; yoke, magnetic flow or circular magnetisation), dye penetrant (visible and fluorescent), ultrasonic flaw detection and ultrasonic thickness gauging.Testing of valve shaft for deflection under a bending load. The results were used to compare 4140 in the normalised and heat treated conditions.

Our range of metallurgical consulting services includes the following:

* Testing of all products/materials for conformity to Australian and international standards, including hardness (Shore, Barcol, Vickers, Brinell, Rockwell, Leeb, UCI and Vickers microhardness), tensile, bending, shear, and metallographic assessment of structures and coating thickness. Our in-house fabrication capability also enables us to produce fixtures to test a variety of test articles, including prototypes, with tensile or compression loads to 50kN (calibrated by Precision Calibration Services to 0.5% class A accuracy, over the range of 400N to 50kN).

* UIM and APBA approved facility for long beam flexure testing of Cockpit structural laminate test samples up to 10000N.

Core shear strength testing of high strength cockpit laminate for APBA racing boat.

* Metallurgical examination of manufactured products to determine the materials and processes used to produce the items. The information provided by our detailed investigation reports would enable local production of equivalent items, or better.

* Investigation of failures due to fracture, wear, corrosion and heat. The possible causes of failure are provided, as well as recommendations for improvements. We assure our Customers that their data and the outcomes of investigations are held in confidence.

* Metallographic examination of material structures, including portion of phases, graphite distribution (AS1830, AS1831 or ASTM A247) and coating thickness using an Olympus GX41 metallurgical microscope. High quality images are achieved with a Canon EOS 600D digital camera (see examples below). Capabilities also include low speed cold sectioning with diamond or CBN abrasives using a Buehler Isomet low speed saw.

* Chemical analysis of metals using hand-held Innov-X Omega XRF spectrometer. We are able to offer an on-site chemical analysis service capable of rapid metals sorting (e.g. 316 vs. 304 stainless steels, 4130 vs. carbon steel), and Positive Material Identification (PMI) for incoming, in-stock and in-service materials.

* We can perform spot tests on your business site to determine coating types, and stainless steel passivation effectiveness. We can use a Koslow Stainless Steel Passivation Test Probe to determine if a passive surface oxide layer is present on stainless steels.

* Assessment of material surface finish by stylus profilometry using Mahr Perthometer S5P. Tests include profile, roughness (R), waviness (W) and profile bearing area.

Use the PROJECTS link to see some of the projects to date that we have worked on. List of testing capabilities HERE!

Stephen Hooker BSc(Tech) can be contacted 9am to 5pm AEST on (02) 4774 1017, or preferably his mobile on 0419 498 115.












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